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  • Monday, March 29, 2021 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Michelle Marquez, Managing Director of Marquez Private Wealth Management located at 2 North Lake Avenue Suite 910 Pasadena CA, was among the Raymond James-affiliated advisors named to the Forbes list of America’s Top Women Advisors. The list, which recognizes advisors from national, regional and independent firms, was released online March 24, 2021.

    The Forbes ranking of America’s Top Women Wealth Advisors, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on an algorithm of qualitative criteria and quantitative data, rating thousands of wealth advisors with a minimum of seven years of experience and weighing factors like revenue trends, AUM, compliance records, industry experience and best practices learned through telephone and in-person interviews. Portfolio performance is not a criteria due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Research Summary (as of February 2021): 32,810 nominations were received based on thresholds (9,785 women) and 1,000 won. This ranking is not indicative of advisor’s future performance, is not an endorsement, and may not be representative of individual clients’ experience. Neither Forbes nor SHOOK receive a fee in exchange for rankings. Raymond James is not affiliated with Forbes or Shook Research, LLC. Please visit https://www.forbes.com/top-women-advisors for more information.

    Michelle Marquez has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. The comprehensive wealth management Michelle provides encompasses a wide range of essential financial matters, including retirement planning, cash management, trust services, philanthropy, estate planning, and private institutional opportunities.

    As part of her consultative approach, she works closely with her clients’ other professionals, such as their attorneys, accountants, chief financial officers and business managers.

    To reach Marquez or the advisors at Marquez Private Wealth Management, more information can be found at www.marquezprivatewealth.com or by calling 800.333.8839.

  • Monday, March 22, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Every March, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, we are again reminded of the endless contributions and accomplishments women have made throughout history. We relish in the idea of uplifting one another as we spotlight the women in our lives and support their endeavors now more than ever. But what if we could support other female business owners not just this month, but all the time?

    It is no secret that female entrepreneurs face numerous barriers on their road to success – funding being one of the most difficult to overcome. In fact, as of only 2020, Crunchbase data revealed that funding for female-led startups fell to 2.3% after having only reached its peak in 2019 at a meager 2.8%. While progress is undoubtedly being made in society, more work needs to be done beyond the month of March.

    As the CEO of pH-D® Feminine Health, a company that serves the exclusive needs of other women while being female-run, female-owned, and independent, it is my belief that joining together and raising each other up is the best and most successful path forward.

    From one female business owner to another, here are 5 tips to supporting female-founded brands and businesses all year round!

    1. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Shopping female-owned brands is the most obvious way to support women-owned businesses, but it isn’t the only way to make a lasting impact. As female entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to support our fellow women in business not only as consumers, but as partners. Over the years, pH-D Feminine Health has partnered with several female entrepreneurs to help elevate their brands and agencies. Groups like Women Business Collaborative (WBC), The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and The Female Founder Collective (FFC) are committed to spotlighting, empowering, and establishing a network of women-owned and women-led businesses in an effort to help women support women. As a member of each of these groups, WBC, NAWBO, and FFC continuously prove to be valuable and essential resources.

    As female entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to support our fellow women in business not only as consumers, but as partners. 

    2. Mentor More Women – Women encounter enough hurdles navigating male-dominated careers, especially when it comes to accessing opportunities that can impact our ability to grow as leaders and scale our businesses. However, offering mentorship to aspiring female entrepreneurs is a great way to utilize your knowledge and expertise to help guide women towards success in their entrepreneurial endeavors. As a working mom myself, offering mentorship to women with HeyMama, a community that serves to connect working moms, felt like the perfect fit. It allowed me to leverage my personal experiences to help support inspiring, hardworking women who would naturally face similar challenges that I have as they juggle their businesses and motherhood, among other responsibilities.

    3. Share Your Story – When it comes to sharing our story with the intention of inspiring other women, it’s important that we’re open and honest about our failures and struggles as much as we are about our accomplishments. As women, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to share our voice and our story, whether that be speaking at events or sharing tidbits via social media, podcasts, articles, interviews, or blogs.

    As a single mother launching a business in her 40’s, I felt as though the odds were stacked against me. Looking back, there were countless times where the stories of women like myself encouraged me to keep going, and it is through sharing my story that more women can see my path to success and perhaps leave some of their own self-doubts behind. If there is one lesson I want women to learn from my story, it’s that learning to control self-doubt is critical to one’s success.

    If there is one lesson I want women to learn from my story, it’s that learning to control self-doubt is critical to one’s success.

    4. Spread the Love – Know of a great female-owned business or brand? Then spread the love by spreading the word! One of the simplest ways to help female business owners is to get their business in front of as many eyes as possible, and this can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. You can share their content across social media, tell your friends and families about their products or services, leave reviews on their site, and even create your own content about their business that they can repost to increase their credibility. Supporting female-led brands and businesses does not always require time and money. Spreading love can be a daily or even weekly effort that we make to spotlight the trailblazing women around us.

    5. Share Resources – Knowledge is power, and that is why sharing tried, true resources and tools is essential towards supporting women in business. This can mean recommending a class, podcast, mentor, organization, service, or even a program that can strengthen another woman’s ability to lead her business down the road to success. Although it may be tempting to hold onto resources like a treasured family recipe, it’s important that we level the playing field for all women and be transparent about the tools that have helped us in our own journeys.

    Via Swaay

  • Monday, March 15, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    In today’s competitive digital landscape, building a strong brand image is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity.

    Much of the world has changed in the past year, but one universal truth remains: your brand is the hallmark of your quality. It’s the most effective way to share your company voice, tone and story. And with over 7.9 million retailers developing into the online space, it can be the sole differentiator between a customer pledging their loyalty to you or going elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

    A strong brand enables you to maintain a congruent identity across multiple platforms, establish your authority and spark a connection with your audience. And as you separate yourself from a faceless red sea of competitors, your audience gains the confidence they need to buy and buy again.

    The power of branding is supported by data. Leading statistics presented by Renderforest suggest a consistent brand reputation can increase revenue by as much as 33%, with most customers preferring to buy products from familiar places. The message is clear: never under-estimate the importance of a strong identity. Through consistency, congruence and commitment, it can transform your business.

    So, how do you do it? The answer is simple: make a measured investment in strategic branding and PR. To send your brand soaring to worldwide acclaim, these top 7 branding firms have you covered.

    Click Here to View the Full List

  • Monday, March 08, 2021 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Today is International Women’s Day and the 2021 theme is #ChooseToChallenge – a call to end inequality for our gender and those who identify as a woman. Choose To Challenge was chosen to encourage people to commit to helping forge an inclusive world.

    I reached out to a few female entrepreneurs whose work I admire to ask how they are blasting gender bias in their businesses and homes - and as I knew they would - they delivered. From disrupting the femcare space to restructuring roles at home, these women have accepted the challenge whole-heartedly.

    Show your support today by striking the #ChooseToChallenge pose with your hand high to show your commitment to choose to challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes, and help forge an inclusive world.

    Click Here are five women who #ChooseToChallenge in their own businesses.

  • Monday, March 01, 2021 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    JPMorgan Chase : Commits $350 Million to Grow Black, Latinx and Women-owned Small Businesses

    Firm invests $42.5 million to expand successful Entrepreneurs of Color Fund to more U.S. cities and introduces data-driven policy solutions to increase access to capital for historically underserved entrepreneurs

    Today, JPMorgan Chase announced a new $350 million, five-year global commitment to grow Black, Latinx, women-owned and other underserved small businesses, help address the racial wealth divide and create a more inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The pandemic has exacerbated historic challenges for Black, Latinx, women and other underserved small businesses to access necessary capital to sustain and grow. According to the JPMorgan Chase Institute, Black, Latinx and women-owned small businesses are underrepresented among firms with substantial external financing, limiting opportunities to scale their business. Further, financial challenges faced by Black and Latinx small businesses are more substantial relative to white-owned businesses, meaning they are especially vulnerable in today’s environment.

    This new commitment, which combines low-cost loans, equity investments and philanthropy, will help reduce barriers to capital for underserved small businesses to support their immediate needs and long-term growth. More than 40% of the commitment will be low-cost loans and equity investments, removing a critical barrier for Black, Latinx, women and other underserved entrepreneurs.

    The investment is part of JPMorgan Chase’s $30 billion commitment to provide economic opportunity to underserved communities, especially the Black and Latinx communities, by harnessing its business, policy, data and philanthropic expertise.

    Click Here to Read the Rest of the Article

  • Monday, February 15, 2021 2:00 PM | Anonymous

    Its 31-year-old female founder has been made a billionaire by a business appealing to women and headed by women. Bumble Inc. stock, the owner of the dating app where girls make the first move, jumped 67 percent to $72 at 1:03 p.m. in its market debut. Valuing the stake of Chief Executive Officer Whitney Wolfe Herd at $1.5 billion in New York.

    The listing caps a story that’s both an inspiration for women tech entrepreneurs and a cautionary tale. Wolfe Herd focused on an untapped market and created a multi-billion-dollar business that was born, in a way, from one of female entrepreneurship’s most perplexing barriers: sexual assault.

    The IPO of Bumble launches Wolfe Herd into a salubrious group of self-made female billionaires.

    “Hopefully this will not be a rare headline,” Wolfe Herd said Thursday in an interview with Bloomberg Television, referring to the uniqueness of Bumble’s women-led management. “Hopefully this will be the norm. It’s the right thing to do, it’s a priority for us and it should be a priority for everyone else.”

    Out of the 559 businesses that have got popular in the U.S. during the past 12 months, only two were created by women, apart from Bumble. It’s the same for blank-check companies, the preferred wealth-boosting engine of the moment for Wall Street. Women-sponsored SPACs, a fraction of the 349 mentioned in the previous year, numbered less than a dozen.

    Click Here to Read the Rest of the Article:

  • Monday, February 08, 2021 7:50 PM | Anonymous

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and JP Morgan Chase Foundation have entered into a project aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The agreement, which will be implemented by the ILO, is known as a project on ‘Rebuilding Better: Fostering Business Resilience Post-COVID-19’ is designed for the women to adopt more sustainable and resilient business models.

    Amid the pandemic in which businesses and supply chains have been disrupted by adherence to health protocols including social distancing and lock downs.

    The target of the project is women entrepreneurs, who are identified as "less resilient to the impact of adverse economic shocks, accessing support services will be critical to their stabilization and recovery.

    "The Rebuilding Better project, which will be implemented over 18 months, will bring about solutions to improve women entrepreneurs’ access to training, finance, and markets," according to the press release posted on the ILO website.

    Click Here To Read the Rest of the Article

  • Monday, January 04, 2021 4:30 AM | Anonymous

    From our company to yours,

    Happy New Year!

    May 2021 be fulling of growth and opportunity!

    It's HERstory Made!

    Just wanted you to be aware of an opportunity that some of you may qualify for or you may know someone who qualifies. Check it out! Details below!

    Forbes is Looking For Entrepreneurs and Businesses For: Forbes Next 1000

    This first-of-its-kind initiative will spotlight bold and inspiring entrepreneurs on their way to great success. The Next 1000 list celebrates the ambitious sole proprietors, self-funded shops and pre-revenue startups who are redefining what it means to build and run a business today, especially in the “new normal.”

    Take your shot here.

    Wishing You Massive Success in 2021,

    HERstory Connections Team
  • Monday, December 28, 2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    In order to create meaningful change in the lives of women, it is important that we take the “women supporting women” concept one step further, and become strategic in our support. The exciting potential of women in AI is that their presence has such a wide reach. Not only is AI one of the most pervasive technologies industry-wise, the data it produces can have significant social impacts on our society. 

    In this article, you’ll hear from some of the most influential women investors and entrepreneurs in AI discussing their strategic support of fellow women and their passion for building a future with a plethora of successful, diverse AI companies. 

    Shruti Gandhi has worked in data for over a decade. She is an engineer and founder of Array Ventures with 6 exits to companies such as Apple, Paypal, and Samsung with 10x returns. She is also an adjunct professor in the CS department at Columbia University. 

    Array Ventures leads first round investments in data, AI, and ML companies that solve problems for the enterprise in every vertical from health, fintech, to general AI and developer tools. The fund helps technical founders focus on their go-to-market strategy which Gandhi believes is the key to unlock success for the next stages. Despite the challenges of the stage over 75% of Array Ventures portfolio companies have raised great follow-on rounds from top funds. 

    Gandhi says it is important for investors to support women founders in AI, because AI learns from people that train it. “I often complain that Alexa doesn't understand my accent,” says Gandhi, “and people often retort back with, “well, it's trained by a lot of Indian engineers,” but then I ask, ‘Are those engineers women?’ and then there isn’t a good answer.”

    To Read More Click Here

  • Monday, December 21, 2020 2:00 PM | Anonymous

    In India, women entrepreneurs have a potential to create transformational employment and generate 150–170 million jobs according to a joint report by Bain & Company and Google. However, women continue to struggle for accessing equal opportunities, equal payment and equal recognition.

    The abysmal state of women can be verified by a mere glance at the data – the World Bank estimates that 35% of India’s women of the working-age population currently do not have paid work. Although women represent 42% of the agricultural labour force in India, they own just 2% of farmland. Women’s Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) in India is among the lowest in the world and continues to decline. The unemployment rate among women is 18% in India against the overall unemployment rate of 7%, in the country.  As per the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (2015), India performs below the 20th percentile in the female entrepreneurship index. By 2030, the working-age population of India will surpass 1 billion, the highest in the world. Research suggests that just women alone will need 400 million jobs.

    To decrease the economic disparity between men and women, India collectively needs to take a non-traditional approach. While the Government of India and civil society organisations are undertaking various initiatives to promote employment and entrepreneurship among women and have created successful examples across India, there is room for tremendous improvement. And to solve a problem, one must look deep enough to identify the reasons behind it.

    To Read the Rest of the Article CLICK HERE.

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