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13 Million

13 Million is the number of women owned businesses in the United States of America. There are millions more around the world.


39%  is the percentage of all businesses in the US that are women owned. We are working to see that number grow substantially.


2% is the percentage of women owned business that generate 7 figure revenue annually. We definitely need to see that number increase NOW!

Member Benefits:

  • new streams of income created from this additional revenue source
  • access to a market of millions who want to exclusively work with women owned businesses
  • highlight your product or service to millions of consumers, businesses, brands, & governments
  • opportunity to be featured in our webinars and live events depending on your tier level
  • increase your social media following and reach for your business and/or brand
  • be apart of a global network of women that empower and support each other
  • get paid for your paid referrals, essentially creating another revenue streams
  • 1 free application for funding through our Angel Fund for HERstory Gold Tier Members

HErstory business

Includes but not limited to the following:

 HERstory Business is for Female Founded businesses/freelancers (products and services), Female focused associations, and female focused not for profit organizations.

herstory creative

Includes but not limited to the following:

HERstory Creative is for Women Actors, Artists (All Types), Chef's, DJ's, Dancers, Directors, Fashion Designers, Producers, Singers, etc.

herstory literary

Includes but not limited to the following:

HERstory Literary is for Women Authors, Digital Content Creators, Editors, Publishers, Writers, etc.

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